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Lone Wolves Craving Freedom

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

The Wolf. Wolves are known for harnessing their inner most wild nature so they can protect their emotional and physical well-being. They are the lore and legends full of terror and known for being bloodthirsty hunters that travel in packs. They are deeply misunderstood.

In the Native American culture and traditions, Wolves are known for being the ultimate comics of the wilderness. Committed to love of family, inspiring intelligence, and pure communication. They are resilient, unique, loyal, and unmistakably striking animals and spirits.

A Lone Wolf is a wolf that has strayed from their pack. Lone Wolves empower and inspire me. They are able to break away from their pack to discover their sacred self. They do not let the darkness consume their spirit, but instead during their time alone, they crave this freedom. Lone Wolves have an infinite thirst to rediscover their true nature and realign with the light.

I have created this blog to assemble a community of people who are CRAVING FREEDOM. This is for the misunderstood, lost and lonely, fearful and pained Lone Wolves of the world. I want you to know that you are not alone and always have a place in my pack. I intend to empower you and show you that you are rare and possess your own unique gifts. Your voice deserves to be heard by all. I have always felt alone in the world even though I was constantly surrounded by loved ones. I have come to know why the caged bird sings. I hope that what I post can provide warm comfort and spark the warriors within you through my vulnerability and truth.

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